Foster’s – All the Way from Manchester, Australia

Australian for Lager.

Which is strange considering most Australians don’t touch the stuff and the beer they sell in the UK is made in that part of Australia known as Manchester.

Foster’s was started in Australia in 1887, by two American brothers as it happens. But over in Aus they prefer Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught to Foster’s.

Over here, though, it’s second only to Carling among the best-selling lagers. It was first imported to the UK in 1971 and by the 80s was being advertised by that paragon of Australian masculinity Paul Hogan.

Which is my way of suggesting that there may be a bit of crass stereotyping going on, but that it’s crass stereotyping that works.

Our Paul, the fair dinkum embodiment of the classic Aussie larrikin, finds himself in various unlikely scenarios over in Pom-land  which cause humorous misunderstandings and generate quips before he settles himself down with a pint of the Amber Nectar.

A decade later Foster’s were using the line ‘He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian.’

These ads aren’t a million miles from the concept behind the Castlemaine ad – that Australians value their beer more than anything else, even if it’s the life of their kidnapped wife in this case.